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an0malous    19th Jul 2019   


I had an idea that I could assemble a sales team to get some more clients interested in my services, but that didn't turn out the way I thought it would. Seems like way too many problems cropped up all at once to be able to actually get off of that launch pad. I'll take the blame for that, however, as I didn't really plan it out as well as I should have.

I suppose I'm still trying to discover if there is a specific niche that I might be able to fill, since the industry is saturated with people who know how to do everything. One of the biggest setbacks is that hardware is becoming harder to repair and it is also becoming so cheap that it's less expensive to just replace the entire thing. The one thing that will always be important to people is their data.

Software is still a big deal as well, but the issue with software is that everything is moving to centralized SaaS applications. I've had a few ideas about launching some SaaS applications, but the scale of the projects would require me to do nothing but focus on that. I suppose I've got the time for it, though. The biggest concern there would be combating burnout. I've been down that road where mental exhaustion causes you to be in a constant state of no-fucks-given.


Reading weird posts on social media of people complaining about one thing or another makes me wonder what is really going on with the world around me. Being introverted and preferring to keep most of my thoughts in my head, I can't help but keep my 2 cents out of the social belligerence arena. It's not the same from platform to platform, mind you -- at least from what I've seen. It's as if each facet or societal caste has their own social media battleship, but there is constant in-fighting and bickering amongst their own ranks. I've yet to see someone mutinied from their battleship, however -- or maybe I haven't been paying close enough attention?

Since highschool, I've always been a sort of drifter. I wasn't part of any one clique, but I would float around and hang out with people from all cliques. I wouldn't adhere to the unwritten rules of the highschool's hierarchical system, where jocks, preps, and gangsters were the top of the food chain. I wasn't any of those -- I just was. I had no place, yet I was in all places. I guess you could say that I was an anomaly.


Well, this has been another pointless blog about a whole lot of nothing. Peace.

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