Woes Before Throes 0x2

an0malous    25th Apr 2019   


Well, some good has come around my neck of the woods, and I'm certainly in a good mood. I passed the LX0-104 exam so now I'm officially Linux+ and LPIC-1 certified. Happy to the point where I even bought myself some more books to read. At some point, when I'm up to the task, I will write more tutorials on linux commands with examples so as to test my knowledge.


Now that I've gotten through that stage, I feel I'm ready to tackle some more serious work. I don't think I need the papers to prove myself, so I'm not doing this for certs anymore (not to knock those who collect certs for a living), but it's just not something I want to pursue.

I've still got a ton of projects lined up, and I seem to keep tacking on more without second thought. Although a few of the ideas I have rattling around in my head should allow me to be more organized about my projects.

I know I've got to work on some UIs for them, and that should be the initial stage to push me into full production mode, but getting around to that is the hard part. Seems like the same old story, doesn't it? No matter what it is - Whether it's working out, or getting an idea mapped out, getting started is the hardest part. At least for me, it seems to be true.

/previously on [insert anime name here]

I think one of the best ways I can help myself to grow is to extend my knowledge of different applications and learn how to use them for my own benefit before recommending them to customers. I love the idea of open source, but at the same time I want to make sure that the application is going to support all of the needed features.

I became a 3CX partner for that very reason. The fact that they have a reseller program that would accept me as a 1 person business made the choice very easy. The other web application that I decided to try out is HubSpot's free CRM and Live Chat. If it's something that I think will benefit customers, I am all for it.

I don't know if I should feel like I'm going against my heart by not recommending FOSS applications to customers, but at the same time I have to rememeber that I'm running a business.


I'm still going about all of this in a pretty scatter-brained manner. I definitely need to hash out a way to keep my thoughts and projects organized.


Have fun and be cool. Peace.

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