Victory For Me 0x1

s4lt    7th Feb 2019   


I took all of the learning methods that I was studying up on and applied them to the LX0-03 exam and missed only one question. I'm glad I didn't quit and put in all of my energy into passing the exam, but I do feel like I could have done more. I actually enjoyed explaining the TR command and feel like I shouldn't stop there, even if I already passed the exam.

I still need LX0-04, however, so there should be more blogging to do. I feel as if I'm falling out of sorts the past couple of days, however. My focus isn't a great and my motivation is sliding. I have an inkling as to why, but I'm rather comfortable lying to myself at the moment. It's an easy correct, but it requires discipline.


I was, at one point, coming to the realization that I fix things. I also break them, but mostly to learn how to fix them. Call it a hobby. Some things weren't meant to be broken, though. Some things are good the way they are.


Well, I know I have more studying to do, regardless of whether I have an exam coming up. The whole point of the LX0 exams was more to measure my capabilities with learning and retention. The exam was more of a physical marker to know that the methods are working for me. The paper that says I know things is not important to me. Might as well be postcard from a long-forgotten friend on a not-to-distant planet. That's all, folks.

/post script

Keep chugging along -- It's good for you.

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