The Rider

an0malous    12th May 2019   


I had an interesting scenario play out before me earlier today. A rather unruly looking biker pulled up to me on his motorcycle as I stood watching my kids ride their bikes around in a near desolate parking lot. He had on his jean vest, laden with patches and insignias -- or colors, as they are called. With his motor still running, he said "You know, I used to bring my daughter here to ride her bike. I just saw you with your kids down here. She's 29 now and all fucked up on drugs... you gotta keep watching them, man."

The expression on his face changed from that of happiness sharply into sorrow. Without hesitation he cranked the throttle and sped out of the parking lot in what seemed a desperate act to preserve his integrity and he rode off, fighting back the tears.

Wisdom sometimes comes from the most unexpected places, and whatever enticed him to impart his wisdom left a profound impression on me. Ride like the wind, brother -- It will set you free.

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