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an0malous    16th May 2019   


One of the things that I have struggled with most is figuring out exactly how to start coding, or to start a project up. I think that is a weakness that needs to be addressed, but I think I have a solution -- and an easy one at that. How correct am I about this hunch? I've no clue, but I'm going to jump in head-first because that is what I do best.

I think the best approach may be to do exactly as I mentioned above... just get started. It's not a matter of what or how, but actually getting your hands dirty. Once you start, you basically just take off and let your creativity take over. If for whatever reason you happen to get stuck, well I'm certain there is plenty of reference material out there to get you back on the straight an narrow. Keep your goals in mind, but at the same time don't worry about your direction until you feel confident that you have it down. I think that is important to understand, but at the same time you don't want to just sit and code utter crap for hours on end.

My problem with a lot of these online video tutorials and pop-up academies is that they give you a good start in the way of theory, but they don't give you any sort of direction for problem solving and project conceptualization. I may be talking out of my ass, but that's just what my brain wants to crank out at the moment. Set aside a bit of time each day to work on problem solving and figuring out a layout for those projects, lest they consume and torment you for eternity.

What is with the weird ass titles of my blogs, you ask? That's off topic -- we're talking about coding here, remember?

/sanity check

I'll reinforce what I've said before, these posts serve to guide myself to better understanding. If you find them useful, it was unintentional, but... I got interrupted by a floofy pup. My bad...


Keep on keeping on and hope y'all are doing cool things. Peace.

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