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an0malous    8th Oct 2019   


Balancing life and everything within has been quite the task. It's been a challenge to not burn out entirely, but somehow I've managed to pull myself up every time that I've hit a low, and the lows have been pretty bad. I've felt like throwing in the towel plenty of times, but somehow I've decided not to succumb to my own self-doubt. What was once pure optimism and motivation, had turned into a void of imposer syndrome and depression, and you find yourself turning to strangers for acknowledgment, but everywhere you turn seems like a giant members-only circle-jerk. Why would anyone want to show emotion on the internet? Why would you want people to know how you feel?

At any rate, I have people close to me to turn to... that I should have turned to from the get-go, but I was too busy thinking about how I can become part of a special club. A club that, come to think, now seems so superficial on the exterior. That just doesn't resonate with me at all. What does resonate with me is the idea of mastering a new skill and advancing myself in this industry. I hate to say it, but twitter can be a suck-fest that ruins people emotionally. I've stayed away from social media for the longest time because of that very reason. People want to dump all of their problems on you, but don't care to consider that you have your own problems to deal with.

Well, I'm done ranting... here's a quick tip that some may find useful:

/scavenging medium articles

There are some insightful articles on Medium that some people may find useful. My issue is that there are so many articles that I've bookmarked for later, but I find myself either never getting around to them, or removing the bookmark after skimming through them. By removing certain HTML elements, you will have the article available to save as a PDF, which will leave you with an e-book-style copy of the article. This can be easily accomplished by accessing your browsers web debug tools. At some point, I may consider looking into writing a script to curl the article and strip out any extraneous information to leave you with just the article text (including the author.) I definitely endorse this if you're making backups for yourself, but I recommend at least giving credit to the author if you plan on sharing.

I thought about making a how-to style blog on this, but I'm sure it's easy enough to replicate that people wouldn't need to do that. Perhaps at a later time I will make a repository on GitLab with screen shots to make it easy, since mark-down is awesome and repositories are a fun way to share information.


I've always had a passion for playing guitar and making music. I've posted images about a Casio PT-87 that I'm currently circuit bending. I plan on making some cool instruments to make some electronic music for fun later on down the road. I also want to buy a bass guitar for noodling around with. At some point, I will throw an article up on AFS Labs with a quick how-to on the Casio project. Eventually I'll throw some music up on sound cloud or something as well.


I haven't bothered looking at any stats to see if I have an audience or not, but I don't really care if I do. The goal for this blog was to have another place to store my ideas and thoughts. Sharing them is an unintended side-effect of having them posted on the internet.


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