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   Memento Mori

an0malous    16th May 2019   


One of the things that I have struggled with most is figuring out exactly how to start coding, or to start a project up.
I think that is a weakness that needs to be addressed, but I think I have a solution -- and an easy one at that.
How correct am I about this hunch? I've no clue, but I'm going to jump in head-first because that is what…


   The Rider

an0malous    12th May 2019   


I had an interesting scenario play out before me earlier today. A rather unruly looking biker pulled up to me on his motorcycle as I stood watching my kids ride their bikes around in a near desolate parking lot. He had on his jean vest, laden with patches and insignias -- or colors, as they are called. With his motor still running, he said "You know, I used to bring my daughter here…


   Woes Before Throes 0x2

an0malous    25th Apr 2019   


Well, some good has come around my neck of the woods, and I'm certainly in a good mood. I passed the LX0-104 exam so now I'm officially Linux+ and LPIC-1 certified. Happy to the point where I even bought myself some more books to read. At some point, when I'm up to the task, I will write more tutorials on linux commands with examples so as to test my knowledge.



   Cheshire Grin 0x1

s4lt    1st Mar 2019   


Testing the waters out. Migrated the DB to circumvent some issues, so that's really all I care to test. It is March first, and it seems like it has taken forever to get to this point, but I'm holding strong. I'll throw in some udpates whenever I get around to working on some projects.




   Victory For Me 0x1

s4lt    7th Feb 2019   


I took all of the learning methods that I was studying up on and applied them to the LX0-03 exam and missed only one question. I'm glad I didn't quit and put in all of my energy into passing the exam, but I do feel like I could have done more. I actually enjoyed explaining the TR command and feel like I shouldn't stop there, even if I already passed the exam.

I still…





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