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   Of Golems And Men 0x0

s4lt    8th Jan 2019   


Do not doubt me. Believe I will succeed, but do not compliment me. At least not out loud. Believe that I will take over the world, but do not speak of it as if I have already done so. If you must, do so in silence.

/everything is feyn

So it has become apparent to me that one of the best ways to practice the Feynman technique is to teach what you know, or what you don't…


   Hall Of Mirrors 0x0

s4lt    27th Dec 2018   


In investigating potential methods to expand upon and increase my knowledge and information retention ability, I've been looking into different methods such as the method of Loci and verious reading techniques. The goal is to improve overall cognitive functionality and cut learning curves down to a minimum.

/method to the madness

Thus far I speed read through a book of 99 pages in about 2 hours to assess how well I could retain just the key words.…


   Swapon 0x0

s4lt    1st Dec 2018   


I came to the realization that I have never quit anything that I have started. I may have delayed or postponed working on a project, but never out-right quit.

Just as @total_bs was going to give me a "talking to" for throwing in the towel on taking the Linux+ exam, I had already come to the conclusion that that was the source of yesterday's mope-feast. Yes, I was moping - deal with it. But…


   Perception Of Time 0x0

s4lt    28th Nov 2018   

/mal-formed packet

What does it truly take to be anonymous on the internet? Think of all the ways that you leave a digital foot-print -- How nearly every website, or content delivery system, is tracking your every move. Firstly, if you are paying for, and using, internet access at your home, I don't believe you are anonymous. That alone runs right back to you.

Not paying to access the internet? Free cafe Wi-Fi your cup of tea?…


   Everything Is CRUD 0x0

s4lt    11th Nov 2018   


Are the headers for each segment in the articles too gimmicky? Perhaps I'll throw up a twitter poll to get some opinions. Perhaps not...

B-Sides DFW was this past Saturday. It was a great experience getting to sit in an learn a bit from people way more knowledgeable than me. I didn't attend a couple of them that I really wanted to, but not a complete bummer.

The talk that I found most interesting was from @datagoon…





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