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   Crossed Wirez

an0malous    8th Oct 2019   


Balancing life and everything within has been quite the task. It's been a challenge to not burn out entirely, but somehow I've managed to pull myself up every time that I've hit a low, and the lows have been pretty bad. I've felt like throwing in the towel plenty of times, but somehow I've decided not to succumb to my own self-doubt. What was once pure optimism and motivation, had turned into a void of imposer syndrome and depression, and you find yourself turning to strangers for acknowledgment, but everywhere you turn seems like a giant members-only circle-jerk. Why would anyone want to show emotion on the internet? Why would you want people to know how you feel?



   Doge The Bounty Hunter

an0malous    31st Jul 2019   

Hunting for Bugs

I decided to take on a new role since it doesn't seem that there are too many people that want to pay me to build them a website. I'm not able to find anyone who wants me to help them with their network or workstations either. I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong, but it seems like I'm just stuck here doing not much of anything.

I tried submitting my resume to land that job as a developer that I've always wanted, but all I saw was a ton of rejection emails for about a couple of weeks. So if I can't get paid to make things, I guess I'll see if I can get paid…


   In Waves

an0malous    19th Jul 2019   


I had an idea that I could assemble a sales team to get some more clients interested in my services, but that didn't turn out the way I thought it would. Seems like way too many problems cropped up all at once to be able to actually get off of that launch pad. I'll take the blame for that, however, as I didn't really plan it out as well as I should have.

I suppose I'm still trying to discover if there is a specific niche that I might be able to fill, since the industry is saturated with people who know how to do everything. One of the biggest setbacks is that hardware is becoming harder to repair…


   Why 2FA is Important

an0malous    3rd Jul 2019   

What is 2FA?

Two-factor Authentication (also called 2FA) is a method of security that introduces a second factor of authentication for account security. Normally you would just have a username and password to log into an online account, but, with 2FA, you would also have a One-time Pin (OTP) provided by an application such as Authy, or Google Authenticator. There are also hardware based 2FA "keys" that you can use which allow you to authenticate via the touch of your finger, such as Yubikey or Google Titan, that can be used as well. One of the earliest forms of 2FA, which you may already be familiar with, is one where the web application will send out…


   Set Phasers To Stun 0x03

an0malous    6th Jun 2019   


Trying to keep up with my blog entries as much as possible, but it's been rather hectic of late. Last Friday was officially my last with my old company. Now I'm starting to work on SALTWRX trying to find stuff to do. Ultimately, if I can't find anyone to help out, be it with web development or network support, I'm probably going to start hunting for bugs. I don't think it's a bad idea, and it's definitely a way to pay the bills.

I decided to take on an employee via a contract opportunity. It's more a mentorship than anything else, but I feel like it's going to also help me to improve my own skills as well. Nothing…





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